Thursday, June 30, 2011

Next stop Venice

Today we packed up and made our way to Venice! It was an exciting train ride, on the way we went through Pisa and Florence (Firenze). Unfortunately we didn't get the chance to stop and see what those places had to offer, I'm okay with this because now I have a reason to go back. On the way I was sitting in the middle of two Italian men who looked to be father and son and across was three Italian women, one was the daughter, and the other two were the mom and I am assuming the aunt. They didn't speak English and I don't speak Italian so it was somewhat of an awkward ride to Venice, I am pretty sure they were talking about me for a little portion of the ride.

Eventually we made it to Venice well just outside of Venice we didn't want to pay a fortune on the hotel. Lucky for us our hotel was right across the street from the train station, it was very convenient. Laura, Madison and I waited outside while Griffin and Stephanie checked into our room, unfortunately when they came out to let us know that it was safe to sneak in they forgot an important detail. So we got to the floor but had no idea what our room number was so we guessed, we were wrong but the weird part was that our key let us into the room. Finally we found our room and took time to relax.
Lost in the Hotel

Next on the list was going to see Venice! Venice is beautiful, words cannot give it justice so I recommend that you just go to Italy and see for yourself, but in the meantime here are some pictures.
HELLO Venice! 

Sadly today was Laura's last day with us. I didn't want her to leave me!! Since it was her last night we decided to make it a fun one by exploring Venice and seeing what we could in the little time that we had.  

We went on a Gondola right which was such a blast! Our Gondola driver was from Venice so that was really cool, he told us some very interesting information about Venice along with some history.
Gondola Ride 
A Gondola
Venice from the Gondola
After the Gondola ride we went looking for somewhere to eat. We found somewhere but got scammed with some tourist crap food. So after we ate we went to find some gelato. The gelato made up for the bad food.

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