Friday, July 1, 2011

Venice and Murano

Today was our full day in Venice. We saw most of Venice yesterday but today we were going to have more time and we would be able to see St. Marks. Since there wasn't going to be too much to see in Venice today some of us decided to go take a trip to Murano.

First we had to say goodbye to Laura. It was sad, and I missed her for the rest of the trip in Italy.

After we arrived in Venice we went to St. Marks first. We waited in line for about half an hour. After waiting we went inside to look around. It was beautiful! I love seeing how different architecture is in every country it's amazing to see that they all have similar ideas but very unique styles.

St. Marks 
St. Marks 
The bell tower at St. Marks
St, Marks bell tower
Murano is one of the islands that makes up Venice. Murano is famous for the production of glass. It was really cool to watch demonstrations of how the glass is made and some techniques that are used. Also the glass jewelry is beautiful. Some of the glasswork we saw was really cool and I admire the glassmakers.

Our water bus
In the water bus
Water services
Glass making
Glass making 
blowing glass
A sculpture in Murano
Some really cool pieces of glass
While we were in Murano we ate some lunch, I made sure to get some fish. I don't always eat fish but I felt like it would be worth it to have fish in Venice, a place that is surrounded by water. Lunch was delicious I enjoyed every bite!

Course 1 of my meal in Murano
My Fish YUM! 
Soon we went back to Venice and watched some entertainment. One thing that I love about Europe is how much they encourage the arts. It was such a treat being able to listen to a string quartet play in the streets of Venice in multiple places.

Danieli Hotels I think they are cool because they are my name basically,
this is also where The Tourist was filmed 
Going back to the main lands

Lovely music! 
A beautiful quartet in the streets of Venice 
Overall Venice was remarkable. Some things that stood out were the Italian men who reminded me of my Grandpa and brother, and some other things were all the masks as well as the pigeons, and of course the transportation which was by water taxi or water bus.

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