Thursday, June 2, 2011

I survived one week in London!

Today was not as busy as yesterday, but there was still an information overload. Today we went to two museums, the British Museum and the Sir John Soane Museum. First I went to the Sir John Soane Museum which was crazy. It's this small little place that looks like a flat or apartment. It was Soane's home and it was miraculous. Inside there was so much information, I never thought I would see so many artifacts in a small house like that ever! It was actually pretty cool hearing the history of the house. He built up the house himself and got a lot of the artifacts in hopes that his two sons would follow suit and become architects like him. This museum was way cool and was basically a house full of secrets. 

One story that the guy told us which I found to be interesting had to do with the statue of Apollo. Soane designed the house perfectly and so that everything had its specific place and so everything was perfect when it came to lighting and such. Above Apollo is a sun roof that has goldish windows and when the sun shines on it they reflect onto the walls behind Apollo making it look like he is glowing which is cool because he is the Sun God.


The next museum was the British Museum and it was gigantic. I swear it would take 10 days to go through and see every little thing. It was cool being able to see all of the ancient artifacts though. The British Museum looks like the Parthenon and it is way cool to see the huge columns in front of the building. The British Museum is also known for having the Rosetta stone for all you history buffs out there. It was also really cool because the museum had things dating back to dinosaurs up to today. One part of the British Museum that I really liked was the architecture. I loved it! If someone drew me as a cartoon walking into the museum it would have been one where the eyes are popping out of the head. It was that cool. 
The Interior of The British Museum
The Entrance to the British Museum
The Exterior/ Entrance

After the hike through the museum the rest of the day was a free day. So we (Me, Laura and Andrea) went shopping and found some awesome sales. Its crazy to think how fast time flies here and that it is already thursday. So today marks the anniversary for 1 week in London. Cheers! 

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