Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This morning I woke up expecting to go to Versailles. I looked out the window and saw gloom and thought, “great, this is going to be a long day.” Apparently I was not the only person who was thinking this after seeing the rain.  So instead of going to Versailles we had another relaxing day.

Today we started out being creative. We were given time to brainstorm ideas for patterns and then we critiqued them as a group. Most people like to hear feedback about their ideas so this was a nice treat, plus it also helped prevent procrastination. Although we didn’t go to Versailles we still went out and saw more of Paris.

Moulin Rouge
After the weather cheered up we went to Sacre-Coeur instead. On the way to Sacre-Couer we stopped by Moulin Rouge. It was cool to see. Not only did we see Moulin Rouge, we saw really cute shops, old European roads, and beautiful scenery.

Crazy Graffiti
To get to Sacre-Couer we took the metro and then we walked up. Sacre-Couer is located on top of a hill in Paris, so we were basically going to the highest point in Paris. When we got there it was worth the hike. The view was incredible. After arriving a small portion of the group decided to climb to the dome at the top of Sacre-Couer.

Sacre Couer
Most people wouldn’t want to climb up 300 steps to see a dome or a simple view of Paris but I would go back and do it again. It was worth the small amount of money and the climb to the top. The view was incredible, and it was so peaceful at the top.  I feel like a commercial trying to sell a product but it really was a great experience. Besides now it is official I can say that I have been to the highest point in Paris.
Climbing to the top of the domb

View from the top
After climbing to the top and soaking up the view I went back down to ground level and went inside of the basilica. It was beautiful, plus I enjoyed seeing the nuns.

Sacre-Couer was beautiful and was a highlight of the day. My next highlight was getting sketched by a man on the street, he did a really good job and it would’ve been perfect if he had gotten my eyes right. I enjoyed being sketched though and seeing the outcome on the page was worth it.

Yummy Cupcakes 
Then like usual I got a sandwich for dinner. And on the way back to the hotel we saw children yelling in the streets. At first we thought it might have been a riot against child labor or something but then we realized they were cheering because they won a championship for football (soccer)! It was really exciting. I realized that in America we don’t show our passion like that as much. Sure we get excited about a win but we don’t chant down the streets and block traffic about it. 

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