Saturday, June 4, 2011

Harry Potter

The Castle! 
Today was a free day and I went on a train trip to one of the Harry Potter Castles in Alnwick. The train ride was really long about three and a half hours to get there and the same time to come home. The castle was pretty legit. I kept looking for Harry but apparently he doesn't really live there which is weird. In fact a duke and his family live there on and off.
I took a tour of the interior of the castle, but I couldn't take pictures like always. It was really cool inside of the castle one thing that I really liked is that it wasn't just set up like a museum but it looked like someone really did live there. This castle also holds a lot of history, it is a place of battle which I thought was pretty interesting. Although the Interiors and history were cool to see and hear about they weren't  as much fun as the exterior and all the fun things you could do.
It is the exterior which is the part recognizable from the film. This castle was used in the first Harry Potter movie for the Flying scene. It was a lot of fun to see. They were offering flying lessons so I couldn't pass up the offer. It was funny because I was the oldest one there the rest of the flying students were between the ages of 3-12. After that we went and dressed up in some medieval clothes and went on a dragon quest. I felt like a kid again which was nice.
Before leaving for the long journey home we went to a cute little cafe which you might recognize the name Cafe Rio except no they don't sell burritos, instead I got a panini with a little dessert. Over all the day was really enjoyable. I was a little disappointed that Harry wasn't there but I'll get over it.

The Dungeon 

Me at flying lessons

As you can see I am one of the oldest

I'm flying!! 

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