Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Beatles


 Today was an eventful day in London. It was a lot of fun seeing all of the fun things that you could attend. One event was called A taste of Spain which looked like a lot of fun. There were live bands and it looked like a good time. The whole street was shut down for the event and it was exciting to see. It made me really excited to go to Spain. 
Another event that was going on was a scooter show. There were so many interesting scooters. I have never seen so much bling on a scooter before. It was interesting to see the individual styles and also because there were vintage scooters there too. They were all parked up and down the street.

The main event that I was out and about for was the Beatles tour. It was a walking tour around London and we went to many different places that the Beatles would go or places that became famous because of the Beatles.

My guide with his swag on
Firstly let me introduce you to my tour guide. I'm not sure what his name is but he was a real catch. I just loved the way he talked and the emotion he had for the Beatles you could really tell he had a passion for them. 

Then we made our way through London and right off of Soho Square we saw MPL which is McCartney Productions Limited a business made by Paul McCartney. 
Inside the studio
The recording Label
The Building
Continuing on we went to some places where the Beatles recorded many of their singles. One of these places was Trident Sound Studios which is where Hey Jude was recorded.

The Mural which is also a mosaic
Next stop was seeing a mural where inspiration for the Beatles came from like with Sargent Pepper and all. It was also a street that was the cool place to be in the 60's where a lot of shops were and today only two of the same shops are there.

The building for the famous rooftops which is also where the Beatles were staying at the time
Next was one of my favorite spots to see, which was the famous roof top of the Beatles last live concert before they split up. It was really cool to see and to be able to walk by. We didn't get to go on the roof but we did get to touch the door. It was really interesting to hear the stories behind this spot. I enjoyed the story about the police and how there is a police station down the street but they weren't the ones who responded to the call when people complained about the noise from the Beatles. And it was interesting to hear that he officers who did respond did nothing instead they just let the Beatles perform which was a little disappointing to the Beatles because they wanted to be cuffed and taken into the jail probable to make a statement because it was such a hard time for them. 

The door step of the building

Then to end the tour with a bang we went to Abbey Road!!! It was so cool to see this place that you don't really think about actually existing. Here we were able to see all the signatures around the Abbey Road Studios and of course I signed my name! And then we attempted to walk across the street like the Beatles did, it wasn't as easy for us because the police weren't there to stop traffic but it was a thrill and we got a good shot thanks to our new "friend."
Some Signatures
A view of all the signatures down the wall

My name!! 

Standing next to where I signed with Phil

The famous crosswalk


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  2. ya you can make as many comments as you want! :)