Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Busy Busy Day

Waking up to be ready at 6:30 brought back some memories from high school and early morning seminary.  Today was probably the busiest day we have had so far. We went to Salisbury Cathedral, the Wilton House and Stonehenge. I'm actually shocked that I am still awake.

Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral was our first stop today. It was outstanding. Salisbury Cathedral is the tallest cathedral in Great Britain because of its spire. The spire was not originally on the cathedral but was added on later. Salisbury Cathedral is a medieval cathedral that is in an English gothic style which is seen from the fan vaulting and detailing.

We had two tours at Salisbury cathedral. The first was a walking tour of the cathedral itself and the grounds. The second tour was walking up to the spire which was a total of 337ish steps. Although the thought of climbing that many steps is terrifying at first it is well worth it in the end.

Salisbury Cathedral
The view from the top

On the first tour we had the funnest tour guide ever! He was great, full of energy and there was never a dull moment which made the experience so much better. We learned so many interesting facts from this tour, like that the spire is not directly in the center, where you think it would be but instead is tilting due to weight. We learned also that since the Salisbury Cathedral was medieval it was originally very colorful with reds, blues and gold. On some of the pieces in the cathedral you can still see some of the colors. One thing that I found to be breath taking were the arch's.
Shadows and the Arches

After touring the grounds we went to the second tour which was equally as interesting. Here we saw the bells that ring, and we saw the best view of everything. It was a great time and we got a pin at the end for climbing to the top of the spire.

A view from the second tour 
When we finished the tour we took taxis to our next destination, which was our first taxi ride here in England. Our taxi driver's name was Kenny he was a really nice guy! We had a blast talking to him and hearing his attempt at an American accent.

Taxi driver and people in the taxi
Wilton House 

The Bridge at Wilton House

We reached Wilton House which was a sight to see, and so was the duke. It was a lot of fun to see this house where He actually lives with his new bride, who is an interior designer and helps with decorating the house. I really liked this house, and again there was no photography which makes sense because I probably wouldn't want millions of people taking pictures of my house especially when I had antiques in it. The bridge was so nice, I wish I lived on an estate that just happened to be 14,000acres long complete with a bride and beautiful scenery.

Stone Henge 
After Wilton House we made our way to Stone Henge which is way cool to see in person. In a photograph you may be like, "Why do people care so much about rocks," but when you see it live your opinion will change, mine did. Which is why we shouldn't judge things right away.
I've been inspired to be more creative and try things that people wouldn't expect or may not even like when they first see it.


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