Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Windsor Palace

Entrance to Windsor
Today I went to visit the QUEEN in her lovely home! I loved it! We went to Windsor Palace today which was a great experience. Windsor Palace is the oldest building to be inhabited which is amazing! To think that something so incredible is still inhabited and not just vacant or destroyed is admirable. That is one thing you have to love about places like England is the appreciation for historical preservation.
Windsor Palace is HUGE! Our tour guide explained to us that Windsor Palace is where the Queen considers home and that Buckingham Palace is just her office. I wish I could have two palaces one to call home and the other work.

It was really cool to see the interiors of the Palace. It was sad that I didn't get to take pictures but I enjoyed it just as much! When you first enter there is an enormous doll house that is Queen Mary's Doll House. It is huge! An interesting fact about it was how it was made exactly to scale and with silver and gold and all the finest furniture. In other words it is the best mini model of a house that there can be. It amazed me seeing the toys that a princess would receive, and the type of dolls she had in comparison to me. Truth of the matter is that it didn't compare at all! A plastic barbie does not compare to the dolls of royalty.

Touring the palace was magical. I loved looking at all the great works that have been combined by all the great majesties. There were two things that I liked especially. One was a room that was breath taking, it was made of so much gold and beauty, it was made to compare to Versailles. The other part that was amazing as always was the wood carvings by Grinling Gibbons. I love his work!!

While walking through the Palace we made it to the Kings Bed and got sucked in. We started sketching (me and Laura). It was an unforgettable experience. I have never been so complimented on my sketches or had so many people want to see my sketch before, it was nice. I am really proud of my final sketch of the Kings Bed that he never slept in.
My sketch
Then we continued the tour and fell in love with some really cool door knobs that had dragons on them but looked like roses, they were really pretty. I love the fact that as an interior design student I notice details that the average person would miss. Such as furniture detailing, cabinet works, door knobs, door hedges. I just love it all, because it takes all of these elements to make up a room.

Before going to the palace we watched the changing of the guards. That was an unforgettable experience way better than watching the marching band at a football game.
Why so serious?
The Church
Then after this we went to the church which was beautiful and it was way cool to see where royalty was buried.

Overall Windsor Palace was a magical experience.

Then I came back and went to get some dessert with Laura and Andrea which was great, I sure do love my cheesecake.

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