Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Northern Cost of Ireland

Today was a-maze-ing! I loved every part of seeing Ireland! First I woke up in a Hilton, second I was in Ireland and well third I had the best breakfast. So starting of the day great it just progressively got better.

We had a bus tour again, this time we went and saw the northern coast of Ireland! It was amazing and beautiful. I love being able to see the beauty of the world around me, what a gift to be surrounded by it every day. As a designer the details matter, and you can find details no matter where you are whether it is by looking at a chair, a piece of clothing, a bedroom or just a leaf it is those details that become inspiration. So today was a treat being able to find inspiration on the coast of Ireland.
View from the bus. Also the white building is one of the oldest and smallest churches it only fits 4 people 
A view of Ireland from the bus

Our first stop was Carrickfergus Castle. It was really cool to see. I loved being able to stand so close to the water and being able to see this old castle still standing. One event that happened here that was not fun was when I broke my watch, so now I have a souvenir I bought in England become a story of something that happened to me in Ireland, weird. In other words I have a pretty legit souvenir now.
King William III , He's really small that was his actual size

The Castle
The Castle 
After stopping at the castle our tour continued as we listened to the Irish accent coming from the speakers as our driver took us around Ireland. Ireland is beautiful. Ireland is green just like everyone says and it is also really windy and cold, plus it likes to rain. Other than that it would be perfect.

View from the bus
View from the bus
View from the bus
Next we stopped on the coast and took some pictures. I loved it! It was beyond any description. The hills behind me were green, and when I looked out into the water it was this pure blue, where in the distance the sky and water meet up. It was a breathtaking view.
Me standing on the coast 

The Coast 
The Coast
After having the time to soak up the view we continued the tour until we reached our next stop. We stopped at a lookout point where we could see a bridge we were going to cross at. And that was our next stop.

Me standing with the view of the Bridge in the distance
The View of the Bridge 
We made our way to cross over a bridge that was old school. It connected the coastline to an Island that was close to it. The bridge can only hold 8 people at a time and it was made of rope, so when the gusts of wind came the bridge would move. Being a tad bit scared of heights this idea was a little intimidating but I figure I'm only in Ireland once I might as well do it all. So I crossed the bridge it was a thrill but I am glad I could conquer that fear on this trip. It was worth it to cross the bridge and see what was on the other side.

My certificate I could've bought for a pound 
What I crossed 

The Steps to get down to the bridge 
The view from the other side 
Me standing on top of the world
Next stop was the Old Bushmills Distillery. This was probably my favorite stop, ok maybe not. It was interesting to see though. Ireland of course is known for the alcohol, specifically Guinness and Whisky. So it was interesting to see where it all started, and it leads one to wonder who was the first person to think of alcohol and what was it that made them want to drink it?

Old Bushmills Distillery 

Old Bushmills Distillery 
After our lunch break we continued the tour. And saw the most photographed castle in Northern Ireland so I took a picture to add to its reputation.

The Castle 

The view across from the castle 
Our final stop was Giants Causeway which was incredible. This area is a natural wonder. It is truly a wonder how the rocks came to be the way they are. I loved it! It was such a unique area and I was so grateful that I was able to see it. I really liked the contrast in the rocks as well as the shapes that were present in the rock.
Giant's Causeway 
Giants Causeway 

Me sitting on the stones, surprisingly they are perfect seats 
Giant's Causeway
Then we all slept on the trip back to the hotel. That night we went out to explore Ireland. I went to Robinson's which is a Pub that had live music and dancing, it was a blast being able to see Ireland at its natural state.

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