Saturday, June 11, 2011


I’m in IRELAND!! Today was the first day in Ireland. I woke up at 4:45 to meet up with everyone at 5:30 to catch our flight. After going through security at the airport I was on the plane and way tired. There was some mix up that occurred on the plane and we ended up waiting to take of for an hour and then finally after the issue was resolved we were finally on our way to Ireland! I basically slept the whole way here but I’m sure it was a great flight for those who stayed awake.
Our Hotel
An hour later we landed in Belfast Ireland! How exciting! We then took a bus to our hotel and where we were staying at the Hilton. Of course we have to sleep in style we are interior designers after all.

my hotel room
my hotel room 
this is the view from my window
the view from my window
Next was a bus tour of Belfast. It was great! I love Ireland and how green and rich it is. I also think it is really cool to hear about all the history that is here that people don’t really know about, like the conflicts with the north and south, or how there are problems within the north with Protestants and Catholics. One of my favorite parts of the tour was seeing the peace wall that separated the two areas. It was also really crazy to see the contrast between the two areas.
The Peace Wall
The peace wall

My name on the Peace wall, a lot of people from all over have signed their name on the peace wall and I support the idea of peace within Ireland so I wanted to sign my name
Me and my name, my name is so small it is right between my two fingers,  talk about scale 

A quote I liked from the peace wall
The next part of the tour that I loved was seeing the Titanic’s history. I’m not sure how many people know that Belfast was where the Titanic was built. I had no idea about this fact so it was really cool to be able to see the dock where the titanic was and where it was last before it sunk. It was also cool to be able to put the size of the Titanic into scale when standing there in person.

the dock where the titanic was
On the tour we also saw where the oldest pub was, the Opera House and we saw the Euphora Hotel. The Euphora hotel had an interesting story with it as well. It was bombed 27 times. That is insane!
We also say the old jail and courthouse and how they work together. I think it was clever how there was an underground tunnel that connected the two so that the criminals couldn’t escape as easily.
The old court house, I still think this building is beautiful even though the windows are broken
The Opera House 
The Oldest Pub
By the end of the tour I thought that Belfast was really cool and that there was so much history and richness in this town that I didn’t know before. To me it is sad that the people here were the lower classes and so a lot of the historical buildings have been burnt down or destroyed because there are not funds to restore them. But this doesn’t change the beauty of Ireland!

A view of Belfast Ireland

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