Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fontainebleau and Vaux Le Vicomte


Fontainebleau was awesome. It was really cool to see outside of history class. Fontainebleau was huge, and the rooms were really beautiful. It was interesting putting everything in perspective and seeing how large everything is in a realistic scale. It was cool seeing the architecture and all of the unique detailing. Before I was memorizing these details in history class to pass a test but now they are coming to life.

Just chillin' at Fontainebleau
After Fontainebleau we went to a grocery store. It was GREAT! I felt like I was back at Kingsoopers buying groceries cheap. Here we bought some groceries for a picnic. And of course Laura, Andrea, Molly and I were last coming to the bus and on top of that we had bought the most food.

Vaux le Vicomte 
We then journeyed to Vaux le Vicomte where we had a picnic dinner. It was a lot of fun. This was the point where the day was just continuing to get better and better.
Vaux le Vicomte
Then once everyone was done eating we made our way into Vaux to walk around and learn.

It was here at that moment that I found a new love. Vaux le Vicomte is one of my favorite places that we have been to so far. I was swept away by the gardens at the very start. Walking around was so peaceful. If we were there for a ball the night would’ve been perfect. Not only are the gardens beautiful but also they are huge, which was common. As we continued walking, and walking some more the views continued to impress me. I can understand why the king fell in love with it and wanted it for himself.

The Gardens at Vaux
Me in the gardens at Vaux
The gardens at Vaux
The gardens at Vaux
Vaux le Vicomte was designed for Nicolas Fouquet and is the place that inspired Versailles. It was really cool to just sit down and watch the water and the people walking around. I could get lost there and not care if I were found again. It was a place where any girl could find her fairytale ending.

One of my favorite sculptures at Vaux
Vaux le Vicomte was very symmetrical and seeing the work done by the architects and designers was really cool especially inside. There was a whole portion of the guided tour dedicated to the architects and designers, which was really cool because there were floor plans and renderings.

After touring the interior of Vaux we had the privilege of seeing the candles that are lit up at night. We were also able to see a firework show that is put on two days of the month and we just happened to be there for one of them. It was the perfect day.

Vaux Le Vicomte
The gardens lit up at Vaux

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