Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last day in London

Quote About Kensington Palace
It is so weird to think that the last day has come. Today was very beautiful I loved the weather.
First we went and saw Kensington Palace which is located in Hyde Park. Kensington Palace is incredible. It was different then what you would expect to find when touring through a royal palace especially when there is so much rich history associated with it. Kensington Palace has been remodeled into an Enchanted Palace. It was an interesting twist. Our task was to find all seven of the princesses inside of the palace. There would be hints given to us and after reading about the princess we could then find their names located somewhere in the room. At first I was not a fan of Kensington Palace because it was different, my opinion changed when I started to ask questions about the princesses. Then I really started to like the theme's of the rooms and the designs of them. 
Gardens at Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace
Kensington Palace
The only picture we could take in the Palace and well it suites me  
After finishing the tour through the Palace we say the royal helicopter land, we aren't really sure who got into it but it was really cool being able to see it all occur. Next we went to look at a patter gallery It was really cool to see some new patterns and to start thinking of some pattern ideas for all the places we have been and have yet to see. 

Royal Helicopter
Royal Helicopter
The royal Helicopter taking off
After seeing the gallery we had the rest of the evening to ourselves. So first we stopped to eat lunch in the grass since it was such a nice day outside. After that we went to the hummingbird Bakery to try the cupcakes that we see everywhere. They were pretty good. Not my favorite but they were satisfying. The next stop of the day was Harrods which is like a wonderland. It was really fascinating. There were so many stores inside it was better than a mall, the only problem being that I would only dream of being able to afford anything inside of there. While we were in there we were not allowed to take pictures which was a bummer because it was a really cool place. Instead we just walked around and looked at all the styles and trends going around today. 

This was a store I saw today next to Harrods that looks almost identical to my moms maiden name Kuchinsky 
As we were walking there was a booth that sold straighteners like in any other mall and the lady asked to curl my hair, so she started and then once she realized that I wasn't going to buy it she basically stopped. She was so dumb, she curled like two parts of my hair so both sides in the front and then left the back straight. I was thinking to myself what the heck she was dumb. So we had a good laugh from that and well since there were no pictures inside we didn't think to take a picture of my hair, but Laura described it as looking like George Washington and trust me it was that bad. I have no clue what that lady was thinking. So we fixed my hair and then continued with our day. 

After finishing with Harrods the rest of the day was basically packing and getting ready for PARIS! 

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