Monday, June 13, 2011

Goodbye Ireland

Today was our last day in Ireland. It was incredible how fast the time went. After not having a connection to the world but still living in the city it made me think about how much people rely on technology to keep them connected to what is going on around them. It was nice being able to slip away from that and to take in what was around me without worrying about a text message or what someone was posting on Facebook. When I didn't have these resources available to me I realized how nice it is to just be swept away in the present and the moment that I am living in, this is something that today's generation is losing. With the advancements of technology people are beginning to create a whole new cyber reality and forget that there is an actual world out there to go explore. I was grateful for the break because it helped be forget about time.
The last day in Ireland was great. I woke up and had a great breakfast once again. I also loved the shower in my room. After getting ready we checked out and went out to explore some of Ireland. We made our way to Victoria Square which was like an indoor-outdoor mall. It was a really cool piece of architecture. We walked around and did some window shopping. After looking through some stores there we went to a souvenir shop and here I got a ring as my souvenir which represents Irelands traditions. It is a ring about love. If the ring is worn a certain way it represents someone looking for love and then if it is worn another way it represents someone who has found an eternal love. I fell in love with the concept of the ring and decided it would be my souvenir. After going to the souvenir shop we made our way to pound land which is the exact replica of the dollar tree, once again I felt like I was at home.
After exploring Ireland we went to the airport for our flight back to London. It was time to say goodbye to Ireland. 
Victoria Square

Inside Victoria Square, The first thing you see

The view from the top of Victoria Square

The View from the top of Victoria Square

I thought it was cool how they used green roofs

A view looking down from the viewing dome at the top of Victoria Square

A view of our hotel from Victoria Square

A view looking down from the top of Victoria Square and my feet

The top of Victoria Square

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