Friday, June 24, 2011

Last day in France

Today was our last day in Paris. So as a group we explored Paris. We went to the oldest cemetery in Paris, then we went to a park and then we were able to go off and do our own thing.

Before we were able to go out and explore there was an adventure all in its own that occurred. My metro passes weren’t working and either was Laura’s. We looked back to see if anyone was in the window to help us and no one was there. Everyone was leaving us so we did the dumbest thing. We jumped over the gate. Now before you think poorly of me we see locals do it everyday so we didn’t really think about it. Bad decision, today just happened to be the day they were checking tickets. So after we jumped these to French ladies came running after us. They were in fact metro security and spoke no English so we could tell them our situation. We ended up paying a fine. It is crazy to think that my first fine or ticket of any kind happened in France. This will be a great story to tell the grand children.

The Cemetery 
First we went to the cemetery. The cemetery was really cool. It was kind of dreary but it’s amazing to think that inspiration can come from anywhere. The cemetery had some really cool pattern designs. I think it was really interesting being able to walk through a cemetery that could potentially have people buried in it that are older than America. I really enjoyed seeing all of the old graves and how much it has changed from then to now. While at the cemetery I found a random stray cat, it was creepy but cool. I tried to take a picture but was never able to get a good picture.
After finishing up in the cemetery.

The Cemetery
The Cemetery
After leaving the cemetery we went to a park that was down the street. I am not sure what the park was but it was beautiful. It was the perfect place for a lunch break.
When we left the park we were free for the rest of the night to do any last minute thing in Paris.
The Park

What I started sketching at the park
sitting at the park
The last thing on our list was to go up the Eiffel Tower. So later that night, me, Madison, Andrea and Laura all went to the Eiffel Tower. It was really cool. First we waited in line for about 45 minutes and then we went up the Eiffel Tower. It was such a beautiful view of Paris! Every hour on the hour the Eiffel tower lights up and while we were on top it did just that. It was amazing, and very bright. If you have sensitivity to bright flashy lights I wouldn’t recommend it. While the lights were flashing we decided to sing happy birthday to Andrea for her “birthday.” It was great people were staring at us.

Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower
View from 2nd level
Eiffel Tower lit up 
Then we decided to complete a goal from our bucket list and kiss someone on the Eiffel Tower. The hardest part of this task was finding someone who we considered eligible. 

The other thing I found out tonight was that France is full of creepy men. EWW!! I have never had so many gross drunk men hit on me before, but that’s France for you.

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