Monday, June 6, 2011

Free Day Adventures

So today was a very exciting day. First I went to see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. There were so many people there coming to see the big event. Unfortunately it was raining so we didn't get to see all of it, instead it was the wet changing of the guards (a simple, fast version). I was bummed but it was still really cool to see the palace and to see the guards that people are always talking about.
Buckingham Palace 
The Guards 
After going to that we made our way back to the tube we ventured into some cute shops. In one of the shops I basically died and went to heaven. I literally tasted the best hot chocolate of my life and the crazy thing is that it wasn't the usual milk chocolate. So I bought some to share with my family. I also am positive that I will be craving that hot chocolate when it is below zero and snowing next year at school, good thing it can be ordered online.
The Hot Chocolate Place 

The London Temple 
Then we took our next journey which was to see the London Temple. It was BEAUTIFUL. I think it was a really big contrast from the other architecture that you see in London. Kind of plain but I really liked how peaceful it was there. It was an exciting adventure getting there, we took the train and then a taxi and our taxi driver was epic. He was playing the funniest music from back in the day, oh and it was way scary I thought we were going to die like ten times. Then coming home was another adventure. We went to call a taxi but none of the phones were working so we asked around to see if it was normal or if we were just dumb. After doing that we were offered a ride by two people who drove us back to a different train that was closer to the temple than the one we took before. It was a great adventure, and now I can say that I technically hitchhiked in London.
The London Temple 
The London Temple 
The London Temple

After going there we went out and got some fish and chips that were recommended to us by Darrin. They were very good much better than the first experience we had.

After eating the real party began. We met some people from Texas A&M and hung out with them for a good part of the night. We talked out on the roof and did some two stepping, over all it was a good night.

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