Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today was a beautiful day! I woke up, got ready and went to Versailles. Versailles was created and inspired from Vaux le Vicomte. It was made for King Louis XIV. You can recognize this from observing the detailing. Louis XIV was king during the Baroque period of design and Versailles is very much Baroque with all of the gold and decoration. Another detail that was common for Louis the XIV was the symbol of the sun, and so throughout Versailles this symbol will appear.
The symbol of the sun

I have one word that could describe Versailles, HUGE! After turning the corner from the metro station, you could see Versailles right away, all of the gold on the building reflected bright in the sun.

Versailles from a distance 
Me standing at the gates 
When we got there we decided to look through the gardens first. It was like going to the zoo, on a hike, and to Disneyland all in the same time. It was very large. Versailles definitely takes the award for the largest place we have seen so far. While going through the gardens we went and saw the Gran Trianon and the petit Trianon and the separate world that Marie Antoinette created for herself. 

Marie Antoinette's portion
Marie Antoinette's Portion
While in the gardens, we sketched and while I was sketching the group left. I was with Andrea. Once we realized that everyone was leaving we started to follow, and then in the blink of an eye we lost everyone. So we started to go the way that we thought everyone else was going but that was wrong. We ended up lost at Versailles and not only were we lost but we had to go to the bathroom. It was quite the experience. As we were walking in search of the bathroom and the group we decided that of all the places to get lost Versailles was probably one of the worst ones. Once we finally found a bathroom we found the group as well. That was exciting, it was like when a child gets lost in a grocery store and they finally find their mom and dad that is how we felt.

Lost At Versailles
Once we were done with looking through the gardens we went inside. It was magnificent. The work put into Versailles is incredible. My favorite room was by far the hall of mirrors. It was beautiful. While we were in there we saw a bride and groom taking wedding picture. It was beautiful. Her wedding pictures are going to be incredible.



Hall of Mirrors
At the end of the day if I had to make a decision of whether I liked Versailles better than Vaux le Vicomte I would say no. I say no because Versailles is way to big and it just shows how proud the king was. 

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