Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Italy here we come!

Today a small group of us left for Italy! It was sad to say goodbye. I don't really like to say goodbye, but it was time. It is crazy how fast the time has gone by. Study Abroad is officially over and now it is vacation time. It was a pretty hectic day today, after we left the hotel and made it to the airport, madison realized that she forgot her passport, it was very stressful. In the end we all made it through together, including madison.  

Traveling on the train 
The flight to Italy wasn't bad. After the pilot landed the plane everyone began to clap. I thought it was interesting to see this small gesture that was made in appreciation for landing safely. I think it was cool and it's a shame that we as Americans don't show the same appreciation.

The stripped building is our hotel

La Spezia

My first Italian Meal

After the flight and a long, and hot train ride we made it to La Spezia. There was a small group of five that decided to leave early and visit Chinque Terre. We checked into our hotel and then went out to wander. We found a place to eat where we had our first Italian meals and then we went and got some gelato. It was the perfect ending to a long day of traveling.

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