Friday, June 3, 2011


Bath time! 
Today was a day all about Bath. Some of you may be reading this wondering if I am going to start talking about what it is like to shower in London and you're right. The shower here is decent, nothing too fancy and it gets the job done. It is actually identical to showering in the US. The only problem is that the water isn't always super warm but I'm ok with that.

So now that you know how the water is here let me move on to the point. Today we went to Bath in England. Yes, it's an actual place. Bath is beautiful, very green and has amazing georgian style architecture.

Bath is where the Roman Baths are. As a tourist this is one of the main reasons you would visit Bath. This is exactly what we did. We went to Bath and saw a total a three main things, The Roman Baths, The Abbey and The Fashion Museum.
The Entrance

Me touching the water! 
The Roman Baths were the first part of our day, they were beautiful!! I wish I could have been there when they were full of life, it would have been really cool to see. It was an exciting experience to see compared to reading about it or hearing about it in a lecture. Being there brings it to life in a way, I was able to have a first hand look at how educated they were with their underground water systems. It was also just a really pretty place to be, to put it in perspective think of the upperclass outdoor pools today and then just add a Roman twist and you basically have the Roman Baths.

Just like the Romans do
After seeing the Roman Baths we went to the Fashion Museum. This was probably one place that I took the most notes. I think it's important to stay up to date on the latest fashion, but wait the latest fashion is just a mix of all the older fashions that were at the museum...weird. It was cool to see how fashion designers gain inspiration and how the fashion world comes to life. Also on display were wedding dresses dating back to the oldest dress which was delightful. In a way it almost made me want to get married but then I remembered I'm only 19 and not ready for marriage at all. Moving on through the museum I had a chance to try on a corset and hoop skirt thing called a crinoline which was cool, and well I would never want to wear a corset ever.

The Abbey

Strike a pose

After looking at both of these really interesting exhibits we had the rest of the day to experience Bath. So   we went around all of the streets and looked at all the cute shops. Something that is really cool about Bath is that it is georgian like I said before and it is really green, just like the rest of England, I love it! After exploring for a while we decided to check out the Abbey. When we got there we saw the end of a wedding! So basically today was themed weddings in way, honestly I think it's just a sign that my sister is going to be getting married soon but I'm not sure. Then we went through the Abbey and it was incredible. It was cool being able to experience Bath and have a taste of the culture it had to offer.

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