Saturday, June 25, 2011


Today was the first day in BARCELONA!!! I LOVE IT HERE! This was the first time that we literally felt like it was the summer. We walked outside of the airport and could instantly feel the heat so we started stripping off our clothes and soaking up the sun.
After leaving the Airport we went on a tour around Barcelona. It was fabulous. I enjoyed seeing all of the architecture and how it differs from London and Paris. It was pretty sweet. We all enjoyed the tour but honestly we couldn’t wait to go to the beach, but that was going to have to wait until tomorrow.
This building was really cool because you could see the reflection of the coast line in the top of it 
A view of Barcelona

First we went to see some sights and then we went to the Olympic stadium and markets where everyone buys food. I loved it all.
The Olympic Stadium

I also love the culture here. It is incredible. I love the music, the language and the kids playing football in the streets. Feels amazing.

Culture in the streets 
A traditional dance
I also learned from the tour guide that they don’t speak Spanish in Barcelona, which was obvious when I didn’t really understand what was being said or when I couldn’t really read the language. They speak Catalan, which is really close to Spanish it is like between Spanish and French.

After the interesting tour we split up to look around and go shopping. It was really cool to see the difference in food although the change wasn’t that drastic from France.

Here you can find inspiration anywhere, there is so much pattern. No matter where you were looking you could see something that was interesting. There were patterns in the benches, the sidewalks, the light posts everything.
Then we checked into our rooms at the hotel. They were pretty sweet I really liked this hotel. I loved that I was rooming with Laura and Andrea! 

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