Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cheers London...Bonjour Paris

Today was such a simple day, but very complicated at the same time. Waking up was great. I was able to sleep in before start the day. It was my last day in London and it was really relaxing. I started off the day by packing up all of my belongings and getting everything in my room ready for check out. Then the hour came and we were off for Paris!! It was surreal to think about. I have already been in Europe for more than 20 days and now I am on my way to France.

Instead of flying we took the Chunnel to Paris from London. It was a smooth ride. We finally made it to Paris and it was such a change from London. I loved the change. A new place, a new language and new people this is a whole new adventure.

Everything about Paris is amazing minus the fact that I have no idea what anyone is saying. I took French for 6 weeks in 6th grade so the possibility of me knowing any French is really slim but I’m willing to learn. One difference that I have noticed about Paris from London also is that I feel more like I am at home in Aurora, CO. In other words it is a little bit more Ghetto. The reason I say this is because of the graffiti and the way people dress, I love seeing the difference in all of the places I have been.

Hey room!
Right away after getting here we went to our hotel. After dropping our belongings off we met up to get the basics. We learned where food is, where to wash clothes and where to get money. Then we went and got some pizza, it was really delicious!
4 Roomies
The view from my window
My Window
After eating we met up one more time to go to see this really cool structure. This structural design was criticized once it was first built. The people of France were disgusted by it’s presence because they were not used to the style. They basically considered the structure to be unfinished, and now people gather from all around the world to come and see it. This structure is known as the Eiffel Tower! It is spectacular. I enjoyed lying in the grass and soaking the scenery up, it was such a blast being able to just relax with a great group of people.
The Eiffel Tower at night! Picture by: Andrea
The Eiffel Tower is beautiful at night! Every hour it begins to sparkle and it lights up the sky just like the fourth of July. It is beautiful. If I had a boyfriend here with me it would be the perfect place for a romantic night out, and basically it is what so many other couples were doing we even saw a couple get engaged. What a great way to begin my stay in Paris! 
The Eiffel Tower lit up Picture by:Andrea

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