Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to survive day 5

I can honestly say I feel smarter after today. Just the thought that I actually walked around in Oxford and took a step on the soil there makes me feel like a genius. I'm debating on whether I should transfer there, it's a great environment and I already felt prestigious just because I read the sign with the name Oxford on it. Oh wait, I never wanted to go to Oxford in the first place silly me I must have been lost in a thought. 

Double Deckers can be fun
On our way through Oxford to Blenheim Palace we had the privilege in riding a double decor bus! If you ever go to England this is a must, I can finally cross this off of my bucket-list and move on with my life. We learned not to look a mother in the eye when she is taking her child for a walk. The mothers are very protective of their young here, and you don't want to get the father involved because death can result. 

Blenheim Palace
After a quick nap we mad it to the palace. Which is beautiful at first glance, basically like anything else here in England. Today was on of the first days we saw the sun. Having the sun out and partly cloudy skies added to some amazing photography. After walking up the long drive way we were officially at the entrance of Blenheim Palace. Blenheim Palace was made for Winston Churchill as a gift from Queen Anne. This was given to him because he was victorious at battle. If everyone received land and a palace today I'm sure there wouldn't be as much fuss about going to war as we have now. 

Blenheim Palace is in the style of English Baroque and is very beautiful. We weren't allowed to take pictures today again which was brutal. Inside there were beautiful tapestries, Boulle work, ormolu mounts and of course just like any other palace the best paintings, and gold work. The artisans who worked on Blenheim were extremely gifted, I'm jealous. 

Outside the gardens were equally as beautiful as the interiors. From the water falls to the rose garden everything is very pleasing and green. Something I liked especially was the secret garden, the best part about the secret garden was discovering the secret. (There was no secret.) 

Entrance into Palace

Blenheim Palace
A Church in Oxford
A church in Oxford 
After finishing up in the gardens our group of 5 went to oxford to look around and see why everyone wants to go there and why they are willing to pay $100 to apply to a college only to be denied, well unless they are one of the lucky ones. Like I mentioned earlier it was a really cool town. Picture any college town in the US and then add an old english twist and you are there. Today while we were wondering around we made a "friend" well he wanted to be a friend but we considered him more of a creep or stalker. I believe those are the correct terms. He kept following us around but lucky for us we were able to escape and I am alive and writing this blog to you today. So in the end we learned that oxford may be a place for the genius but it also has some creeps, just like any other place in the world.
The group of 5

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