Monday, May 30, 2011

Burghley House

Today was an adventure and it all started at 7:30 this morning. Usually I am not a morning person, I'm okay with waking up and getting ready when I have to but I prefer to lay in bed until I am well rested. I think I can make an exception while I am in Europe, why would any one in their right mind want to sleep when they are living and breathing British air?

While we were getting ready for the day there was a loud noise outside our window all of a sudden. When we took a peek outside we saw police on their horses it was pretty sweet. So naturally I took a picture because it's not everyday you are awakened or caught of guard by the mysterious sounds of a horses hoof.

We continued our day by taking the train to Burghley House. On the way I was able to see the train station and actually use the train station where Harry Potter was filmed. I tried to look for platform 9 3/4 but unfortunately had no luck finding it. I guess I'm not a wizard.

Burghley house was delightful! I enjoyed every aspect of it. Our tour guide was so awesome, he had the best jokes and great stories about the house, I loved his passion. This house is beautiful, as you can see in the picture, it looks like a castle and well it may have been. Today was Bank Day or something like that here in London so there were many parties and celebrations and of course all the shops were closed or were closing early. At Burghley House there was a festival that was going on. Way cool! During our tour we didn't get to take pictures which was depressing, I would've bought a booklet in the gift shop but to me it wasn't worth the five pounds. After the tour I went and got a scone with butter and jam it was very delicious. I recommend it to anyone planning to go to Burghley House. Burghley House also has beautiful gardens which just happen to be a water park as well which I thought was so exciting, too bad I didn't have my bathing suit. The sculptures were exquisite and so were the water works!

After Burghley House we went to Stamford. It was the cutest town I have ever seen!

 It was a shame all the shops were closed because of Bank Holiday. I didn't let that stop me from exploring though. I started to get so caught up in the scenery and taking pictures with Andrea that we lost the group, we knew when we were supposed to meet up so we decided to go exploring and see what there was to see. As we were walking we found a propped open fence and decided to enter it. Inside was an amazing view along with a really beautiful church. As we were walking around and taking pictures someone told us that the chapel was open and that we could go in so we did. The interior was just as gorgeous as the exterior so we decided to sit and sketch. Little did we know the meeting time changed from 4 to 3 so we were a tad bit late to the bus compared to everyone else.

 After seeing these beautiful sites we ran into another adventure. Andrea basically had the worst day of her life. Her camera died and then she lost her wallet and well everything was going crazy for her. So together we went looking for her wallet and had no luck finding it but Andrea is really calm and had everything under control apparently and everything worked out in the end. Don't worry we got the situation handled in enough time that nothing extreme happened as a result. It was a learning experience for all today.

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  1. I hope you didn't get into too much trouble being late! =0) It looks nice and rainy there. Funny how they have bank day and we have memorial day today. Keep letting us know all your great adventures!! love mom~