Thursday, May 26, 2011

Longest Day Ever

Although I was up late last night I still managed to wake up at 7am to start getting ready for my trip. My day began with tragic news about tornados, and if anyone has a loved one who had to face these trials I am very sorry you have been in my thoughts and prayers. After waking up to that crazy news I still managed to stay calm for my long day of travel. I started out in DIA where my flight left at 10:55pm to NYC - Kennedy airport when I arrived in NYC it was 5:30pm (3:30 Denver time) so right away I lost 2hours of my day.

Then I met up with some members of my group and together we left Kennedy airport at 8:55pm excited and ready for Europe! About 7 hours later we arrived in Heathrow airport in London, England! Just the thought of being out of the country was enough to wake all of us up even if we wanted to sleep 5 more hours. Full of a new found energy we exited the plane and embraced what Heathrow had to offer us!

This airport was beautiful, there was structural design as well as decorative design it was a beautiful combination to see the two play together. I would post some pictures of the brilliant design and adventure in Heathrow but unfortunately I accidentally erased the pictures, but be assured that as a group we quickly learned that airports are good for many things such as exploring new culture, picking up new terms such as taking a ride on the "tube" (train) or riding the lift (elevator), people watching, flying to and from all over the world, and most importantly sleeping!!

Here is a picture of the tube station!

After we found everyone in our group we finally took the much needed steps outside where we were able to breath in and see London. Unfortunately when this happened the rain decided to come down hard, soaking all of us, but it was worth it. After a long ride on the tube and an exciting walk we arrived at our destination. Kensington, where our flats are located. Kensington is breathtaking, I must say it was love at first sight. Our flats are amazing! When you enter you see beautiful dentils, and crown molding. It is a great feeling to know that I am staying in such a beautifully structured place, with a great view might I add. (I'll post some of these pictures soon!)

After we dropped off our luggage we went on a small tour of Kensington. We were practically drooling as we walked around in awe. It's no wonder Americans are easy targets for pocket picketing. We then went grocery shopping and came home soaking wet from all of the rain, I LOVE England! After we dried up a bit it was time to take a sneak peak of England :) We went to Westminster.

This is the beautiful sight that we saw stepping outside of the tube station. These are Pictures of Big Ben and Parliament. If you look at the zoomed in view you can see how beautiful the ornamentation is on this building. Personally it makes me appreciate architecture 10x more seeing this beautiful building in person and I was proud to be a tourist taking hundreds of pictures of this beautiful building. These pictures also show the scale of the building in comparison to a person or car. Talk about a masterpiece!

Across the bridge on the other side of the Thames River was a Ferris wheel which is the big wheel of the London Eye. And Again this architecture is beautiful and very detailed, it's a shame we don't build buildings this extravagant any more.

This bridge alone was surrounded by amazing design. Whether it was older architecture or modern looking structures the sight was breath taking.
I'm so excited to continue my trip abroad and see what else England and Europe has to offer! It is exciting to be able to recognize architecture as you walk down the street. And It is a thrill to see in person versus the photo.

I will continue to post pictures tomorrow we are going to Hampton Court I can't wait to tell you all about it!

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