Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day four and I want more!!

What a beautiful day in London! The sun was out and it was just amazing! Today was our first free day. This morning I went to Church with a small group of people and we go to experience stake conference and hear the prophet which was awesome! After church I went back to the V&A to finish seeing some exhibits and to sketch.                                      

I loved the lighting here!

Look how HUGE it is! 

On the way home from the V&A is this way cool building that I have no idea what the name is but across from it is the Imperial College of London and the Queens tower which becomes a really cool reflection in the windows. It's so cool to see how everything just flows here in London. All the architecture just seems to go together whether it is old or not. It is never a dull moment here everything is new and exciting. Just the thought of being outside of the US makes sleeping 10x better even though it doesn't seem like sleep is at the top of my list. 
After exploring the V&A I realized how untalented I am compared to old artisans. I decided I probably shouldn't complain about the sketches I have to do, that task is way less complicated then sculpting or creating a beautiful desk with marquetry. 

At the flat we all gathered in the kitchen for some lunch it was great! I enjoyed talking and getting to know my group mates better! Next on the list was exploring the streets. As we (Andrea and I) were walking we ran into Laura who was sketching and then all of us decided to walk around together. As we were walking and Laura was creeping we ran into the missionaries. It was nice talking to them one was from the US and the other was from Brazil but they were very nice so we took a picture and continued on our way.
We walked around looking for pictures and finding inspiration in a "creepy" sort of way. Then the creepy fun ended when Laura's camera died so instead we started to talk to the locals. It has been said that the American accent is ugly so we decided to survey random people and see what they thought. To our surprise we asked about 5 different people and none of them were from London but all agreed that they liked the accent and thought it was unique. We aren't sure if it was because they didn't want to offend us so the survey will continue to see if it was by chance or legit. 

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  1. So awesome about hearing the prophet! what great timing since we just missed him when we were in madrid by a week when we were in spain. I love your survey and am really interested to find out what the continued results are. I bet you feel the time is flying by! Have a ton of fun, be sure your camera is charged and enjoy everything! I love you! MOM~!