Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The End is Near

This morning we were startled by a knock at the door. It was PHIL! He was safe! It was good to see that he was ok. He explained his traveling adventure to us, poor guy had to sleep in the train station.

Our Hotel
Today was our last full day. Sad. Since we have already seen everything we decided to go shopping today, to get the rest of our souvenirs. Plus we all wanted to buy ties, and that was number one on our list of things to do. We found this really cute shop for ties, and the owner was really charming. I found the perfect ties for my dad and brother! 100% silk ties, yes I love my brothers and of course I love my dad! After buying ties we found some leather that was on sale and well I got two bags. I felt a little spoiled at this point.

After eating some lunch, which was my traditional dish of spaghetti we went for some gelato. We had 2 places that we went to almost every day while we were in Rome. One was for great Italian food and the other was for delicious gelato.

The place we always ate 
my last lunch in Rome 
Where we always had Gelato
While we were eating gelato we realized that there was a barber shop next door. With a little convincing Griffin got his hair cut. He was a little nervous since they didn't speak english but in the end he came out looking sharp. This idea of getting an Italian hair cut rubbed off on Steph and I. We ultimately decided to get our hair cut. We went to a small shop but it was booked for a week.

Griffin getting his hair cut 
We walked on and found a place after asking some people where to go. So we got our hair cut. It was really interesting. At first I was willing to be adventurous but, when they wanted to cut all my hair off I had to draw the line I am not that adventurous when it comes to my locks. Since I didn't want to pay for the wash the lady straightened my hair. Her technique was different compared to the hair cuts I have gotten in America. The first "cut" was done with an electric razor that is used for buzz cuts on boys. Next she used scissors, then she thinned out my hair. At the end it looked like a small puppy on the floor,  I had no idea I had that much hair on my head. In the end I liked my hair cut, and I loves Steph's too! And then Mary decided to get hers cut as well. Mary's hair was AMAZING! Loved it!

In the end it was worth the money spent to have an Italian hair cut.

When we finished shopping we all came together for our last supper? When I put it that way it sounds spiritual, so at our last meal together we were able to laugh, talk and just enjoy each others company. I sure have made some life long friends on this trip!

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