Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nothing beats a Sunday in Rome

This morning we ventured off in a search for the LDS church. It definitely is not like Utah were a church is on every corner, no finding the church building in Italy was a challenge. We took the bus for a while then after trying to get directions from the bus driver, which he gave in Italian so all we understood were hand gestures, we started to walk in what we figured was the correct direction, when we didn't find the building we found a couple people on the road to ask and they pointed us in the right direction. We almost walked right past the building when we heard a hymn it was amazing! 

Church was really cool too because it was fast sunday, it was a blessing being able to hear the testimonies that were given. 

After church we decided to go see all the major sites. 

Stop 1: The Colosseum! 
It was so surreal walking up to the Colosseum, I literally felt like I was in a movie. It was the coolest thing to see. As we were walking we knew we were close because the scenery started to change and Italy went from the somewhat modern Italy to ancient Italy. It was incredible. I am so happy that I have had the chance to see the Colosseum in person and that I was able to see it in person. I wish I could back in time so that I could see the Colosseum in its prime. 
The Colosseum 
Touching the Colosseum
Stop 2: Mouth of Truth
The famous Mouth of Truth, it is said that if you stick your hand in the mouth and tell a lie that something will happen to your hand. I'm not sure what the complete tale is but it is famous. We didn't wait in line to test it because the heat was unbearable and we wanted to keep walking to the next site. 

Tell the Truth 
A cool bridge we walked past
Some old ruins, I'm not sure what the name of this is 
Stop 3: The Pantheon
LOVE LOVE LOVE The Pantheon, it was really cool to see! We'll everything in another country is really cool to see. I enjoyed it. I also was able to drink some water from a fountain at the Pantheon. That is one thing I love about Rome, there is always a fountain to fill up my water bottle. 
The Pantheon! 
The Pantheon
Drinking water from The Pantheon
Interiors of the Pantheon 
Stop 4: The Trevi Fountain 
BEAUTIFUL! I could probably sit by The Trevi Fountain all day, that is if there were less people there. Apparently everyone wants to visit The Trevi Fountain, I can't imagine why. I have heard that if you throw a coin into the fountain and make a wish that it will come true. I have also heard that if I threw a coin in the fountain that I would come back to Italy. So with these two tales up in the air I was more than willing to throw a coin in the fountain. I also was able to fill up my water bottle here at The Trevi Fountain, the water was perfect! 

The Trevi Fountain
The coin I threw into the Trevi Fountain
ME at the Trevi Fountain
Touching the Trevi Fountain
Stop 5: Spanish Steps 
Amazing! This is a place where people come to hang out and just chill on the steps. We made our way up to the top of the steps and just sat at the top and watched the sun set. It was beautiful! We also watched as the artisans on the road were drawing people it was really cool to see, they were very talented. 
(Unfortunately my camera died before we got there, so currently I don't have any other pictures) 

After spending hours there we finally made our way home. It was a great day in Rome today.

Words cannot give justice to what I saw today. It was a wonderful day! I would love to come back and hopefully I will have the opportunity to one day since I threw a coin in the fountain. 

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