Saturday, February 4, 2012

catch up session

Wow! It has been a long time since I have posted to my blog. I've decided to change this. I know most people started following my blog to see what I was doing in Europe but what I am doing at Utah State University is just as exciting.

First I need to get you up to speed on what is going on in my life right now.

Last semester was CRAZY to say the least.

I was excited to move back up to Logan and reunite with my best friends Kelsie and Stephanie. We started off the semester very optimistically, we wanted to step outside the box and meet new people. And that is exactly what we did. Last semester I made many new friends, some who live on campus with me and some who live off campus.

Not only did I make lifelong friendships but I also met a boy. It was great while it lasted. Relationships are always hard, which is exactly why I don't mind waiting until after I graduate to get married.

So far my social life was going great.

Along with starting the year off great with new friends I was able to begin as a Sophomore in the Interior Design program here at USU.  I am so grateful that I was accepted into the program and that I have been able to learn so much!

As a sophomore in the program there are certain things expected of you to learn. Here is my class schedule for last semester: Interior Design Professional Seminar, Architectural Graphics I, Computer Aided Drafting and Design I, Zumba, Institute and Intelligent Life in the Universe.

This schedule was great! I loved everything about my classes, minus intelligent life I honestly couldn't care less about "aliens" I just needed the class so I can graduate.

So now you kind of understand my social life, and my school life. Another big influence on my life last semester was my job. I worked "part time" at Cafe Rio. I met many great people from working there.

I also had the privilege to serve as an Ambassador for my scholarship.

So last semester was pretty busy trying to manage church, school, friends and work. But somehow I managed.

And to top it all off my little sister Camilla turned 8, which meant she had the amazing experience of being baptized!!

This in short is the summary of my Fall Semester of 2011. Jam packed with ups and downs, tears and laughter, funny stories, arguments, apologies, roommates, things that are quotable, love, crushes, heartache, friends, homework, homework and more homework, work, activities, dates, dances, True Aggie night, long boarding, and sports.To sum it up I have been living the life of a typical college student here at Utah State University.

Gallon Challenge with Eric

How much I had left before I puked

Spa day with the guys -Travis, Brad and Eric 

The boys cleaning our bathroom that they made very dirty after the mud run

the paint dance with Kari, Brad, Steph, and Lexi
Me and Steph after the paint Dance
Frat Party with Andrea

Halloween Dance Party
The Howl

Cleaning the Sink at Angies with Kelsie, Jesse, The Tay and Steve

Bike ride with Ashley
Football with Brad, Steph, Ashley and Victoria

Tandem Bike Ride with The Tay and Brad 

Country Swing Dancing with Ashley

Cuddling with Steph

Baby Shower for Steph's Sister Cristina with Kels and Steph

Late night Studio with Ashley 
Me at Work 

Taking a nap with Kels 
I ended the semester with new friends, new experiences and plenty of memories!

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  1. That's a lot of happenings boiled down. What else is there to say? How will you keep blogging? :)